images/yee-haw.jpg from the Stoke Deck by Taylor Cone. Sketch by Ashish Goel


This is an elimination game built on the passing of motions and phrases around a circle. Introduce the motions/phrases one at a time, with a brief practice round after each.

1| Say “Yee-haw!” and swing your arm to point in the direction you’re passing.

2| Say “Reee-verse!” and pump your fist to send it back in the other direction.

3| Say “Hay barn!” and clap your hands over your head to skip the next person in the circle.

4| Say “Get down, little doggy!” and point to anyone in the circle to dance with them in the center while everyone claps

a beat, then switch spots with them in the circle. The sender then continues with a “Yee-haw!”

5| Say “Four shifter gearbox!” to make everyone put a foot forward and shout “1-2-3-4!” while shifting an imaginary transmission. The last person to SEND a “Get down, little doggy!” must continue with a “Yee-haw!”

If anyone messes up in any way, they’re out! They sit down on the floor and the circle does not compress. The last two people can have a “veggie-off” - the group identifies a vegetable and the final two compete to impersonate that vegetable best!




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