The Stoke Deck is a set of warm-up activities designed to boost energy, foster collaboration or ignite creativity.

Use them as part of a workshop, a class or a party!

What’s a stoke?

A stoke is a short activity that teams of all sizes can use to set the vibe for their group.

With a stoke, you learn with your body, not just your head. Doing a stoke can demonstrate what it feels like to be generative, get into a certain mindset or just feel excited!

Who made the ‘Stoke Deck’?

The “Stoke Deck” is a collection of 28 stokes to boost energy, build connection, foster empathy, support collaboration or cultivate creativity.

The first version of the Stoke Deck was curated and designed by Taylor Cone and Tania Anaissie at the Stanford in 2014.

The actual stokes come from sources far and wide — from improvisational theater, childhood games or bonding activities used on rafting trips.

Stokes are often shared through an oral tradition, passed on from class to class, from learner to learner, from stoked to stoked.

Why this website?

In 2019, Taylor decided it was time to upgrade the Stoke Deck with an online edition, where you can get a stoke at the click of a button. His friend and fellow Ashish Goel got inspired and offered to re-do the illustrations and the website. And here we are!

We know what you are thinking, just…

Gimme a stoke